Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Wonder of Spring

I was having some quiet time this morning, reading my bible, a good book and praying... as I sat there I found my gaze looking beyond the pane glass of our sliding glass doors and into our back garden.  You should see the Daffodils.  This morning we actually have some sunshine... so the yellow of those gorgeous flowers is brighter still. I sat there and thought about how for the three years we have lived in this house and every February/March those flowers have appeared and graced us with their beauty.  I didn't plant them... I don't water them... all I do is enjoy them. 

My eyes wondered from those gorgeous flowers to Psalm 81 where we hear these words over and over again... "Listen to me."  It's God's plea for us to listen to him.  

Going back to those daffodils... God was using those flowers as a megaphone to speak to me this morning.  What was he saying... "I'm at work!"  "I'm faithful!"  "I do all things well!"  My task was simply to listen with my ears and my heart.  

It was as if God was saying... Why don't you recognise my hand in your world and in your life? Why don't you SEE where I'm at work... because I am.  And don't just look in those places where you've planted or watered... look EVERYWHERE.  I can't wait to get started... how about you?