Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our HOPE for Peace

Christmas in Bethlehem...
Peace... seems to be a state that eludes our world.  It sometimes feels like we're on the brink, like it might break out then someone does something stupid and suddenly we find our selves on the brink... not of peace, but war.

Isn't it interesting that something we all want never comes?  Something everyone wishes for each year around this time seems just beyond our grasp... it leads one to wonder.

I've seen pictures of Christmas today in Bethlehem. Stars are a common decoration... and why not!  Isn't it sad that in the place where Jesus was born, the place where the baby Jesus entered our world, there is still so much violence?  Even as I write this post there is a fragile cease fire in the region.  How long will it last? I guess that explains our cry for peace.... it seems so rare. 

If you remember, it was just outside of Bethlehem where shepherds watched their flocks that angels showed up proclaiming: "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests."   Just think... in Bethlehem the Prince of Peace arrived.. and unfortunately we're still searching for peace.

All over our town there are lights.  In one window I saw a simple star in the window... and I think in that is the secret of peace.  That star reminded me of the story of those wise guys that got lost on their way to Bethlehem because they didn't follow the star.  They were looking for the Prince of Peace and ended up in Jerusalem... I'd imagine they just figured when the star was obscured for whatever reason that Jerusalem was the logical next stop.  How wrong they were!

And that's our problem... we look everywhere but to HIM.  We look to the UN... or others who we think have the ability to bring peace... but like those wise guys we end up miles from where true peace can be found.  Isn't in fascinating that peace is found not in the halls of power, but in the fragility of a helpless babe.

The hope for peace in our world... is found in Jesus.

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