Thursday, October 11, 2012

New things...

Have you ever noticed how new things grow?

You plant a seed and nothing.  You water… nothing.  You wait… nothing.
Then suddenly one day… out of the blue… when you're just about to give up hope it happens.

A small green shoot breaks through the dirt… new life begins…. or does it.  In many ways new life began long before we saw that shoot… long before there was any evidence declaring it's arrival. 

I remember as a child planting seeds in a class somewhere and celebrating when the first signs of life emerged.  I remember watching chicken eggs just sit under a heat lamp… until suddenly on that wonderful day baby chicks burst forth.  I remember when we found out we were going to have our first child… We danced around the house in celebration even though in what had been weeks leading up to that moment of confirmation… incredible things had been happening inside my wife's body… and we had NO clue.

We've begun to plant the church… some days my perspective is simply… NOTHING is happening.
And yet, I'm reminded from these musings and from something Reuben Welch used to say all the time… "When nothing is happening something is happening… because God is always working."  For as Reuben also would say, "Where God is most hidden… he is most revealed." 

I'm praying and fasting today… inviting God to speak into my life in some fresh way. 

I'm realizing that I'm always looking for some proof… some demonstration that what I'm about is making a difference.  I think God is telling me… Stephen… trust me.  "Open your eyes…. look at the fields, they're ripe for harvest."

Perhaps God has called you to invest in a life… and to date you've seen NOTHING to suggest you're making a difference… be encouraged.  God is working… even when we have NO clue.

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