Friday, October 5, 2012

leave your nets...

I have a sculpture.
It pictures the call of Peter.
It's a call to leave…
a call to follow.

Peter, a fisherman worked the sea…
casting nets… catching fish.
Then Jesus shows up and calls him to leave it all.
he calls him to walk away…. to follow…

All this on the heels of his greatest catch.
That must have been hard… I mean
it's easy to get caught in your nets.
it's hard to jump without a safety net, right?

Looking at the sculpture I cannot help but think about His call.
to leave the nets.
to trust in Him, instead of the nets.
How about you?

Do you hear the call…
The call to abandon yourself unto Him.
The call to get rid of those things that entangle you,
those things that keep you from His call.

Jesus clearly called Peter to leave it all…
even when he'd just hauled in his greatest catch.

Crazy… but it reminds me of Philip…
one of the other disciples.
He too was called by God
to leave a vibrant ministry in Samaria and to travel a desert road.

What might God be calling you and I to do?
I wonder… would He be calling us to drop our nets
I wonder… what entanglements keep us?
what fears hold us?

Let's not get caught up in the nets…
Let's follow Him… wherever He leads.

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