Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Prayer Walk...

I walked into town and as I walked I prayed.... I got thinking why don't you join me.  I took my camera and snaped some shots of what I saw as I walked.  Perhaps as you view them you could join me in praying for this place I call home.

Time to hit the foot path. Time to pray
Praying for commerce, for business men and women in town

Praying for those who make their living from the water...
Praying for our harbour and the fishermen.
Praying for "The Way Project" a group that helps in our community.
My Barber.... and a great place to buy flowers.  Praying for these businesses.
Praying for Anne Harris Jewelry & the Trim Bin

Praying for those driving our streets.... draw us to yourself. Lord!

Praying for our Wicklow Town Council and the services they provide.
Praying for the community
Praying for the places where people gather together.
One of our Pubs... where people gather together.

Praying for the variety of people who call Wicklow home... we have a sizable population from Eastern Europe.
Our Real Estate Market is suffering... I pray for my friend Eugene and the market.

I don't know if you can see.. but there are at least three butterflies in this picture.... In fact in one place I must have seen hundreds of them.  I was reminded of "If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"  What a prayer to pray!
Join us in praying for the homes and families of Wicklow...

Thank you Lord for reminders of your presence.... I just sat in this park that is located in the heart of our community and pondered God's presence in our lives... and in the midst of this community.

In this picture is a small child, a grandparent and a expectant mother... Lord work in their lives.

I pray for our Doctors, those who bring physical healing.

Would you bring healing to those who hurt in our community...

Lord.... would you open our eyes... would you bless your church in this community... may YOUR kingdom come in Wicklow!


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah and I found the 3 Butterflys - Marilyn and Ole Larson

  2. It really was amazing to see so many. I had a bright shirt on and they were all around me. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on you!