Sunday, October 9, 2011

thanks be to GOD!

Don't forget...
I was reading recently in Numbers where God was calling on the people of Israel to NOT forget their story.  He didn't want them to forget how HE had met their needs and delivered them from the hand of the Pharaoh.  At one point God calls on them to gather rocks that will serve as a monument of remembrance. You can find that story in Joshua 1.  Evidently, we're good at forgetting... at least the good stuff. In the process of my reading I began thinking about the myriad of ways God has led me.  The wonderful ways, He's provided for me.  The incredible ways he's answered my prayers and given me the desires of my heart.  I don't want to forget.  You might say I want to build a virtual memorial. 

As I do I wonder... might God lead you to see again His hand in your life.  Perhaps then we might find ourselves in a place of wonder and thanksgiving.   So as I share just a few of the ways God has led, helped and provided for me and my family, why not form your own list and then join me in giving thanks to God!

Virtual Rock # 1 - I was sitting in a meeting listening to God when HE spoke into my life and called us think about moving from a great church in Richland, Washington.  That's a miracle in and of itself, but the one that blesses my socks off is that while God was talking to me... He was also speaking to Annette, my wife.  He was calling her too!  WOW!

Virtual Rock # 2 - We visited Ireland before we accepted the call. The timing of the trip was amazing.  We were able to get tickets for less than I've seen them since.  I was able to get my passport, even after major delays, "just in time".

Virtual Rock # 3 - We were able to prepare our home for sale thanks to the generous help of Denzil & Kay, Chad and our great church family in Richland.

Virtual Rock # 4 - We sold our home at list price within a week.... need I say more?

Virtual Rock # 5 - We sold our two cars less than three hours after I asked people to join us in praying they would sell.

Virtual Rock # 6 - We came through immigration at Dublin without ONE hitch!

Virtual Rock # 7 - We have a home here in Ireland that meets ALL of our needs.  It was the house Annette saw and wanted, even though we were told it was already rented.... Those who had rented it backed out!  Then they lowered the rent.  Go figure!

Virtual Rock # 8 - We were able to get dishes, and other essentials... thank you Northwest & thank you Father.

Virtual Rock # 9 - We were able to leave for Ireland, debt free... PTL!

Virtual Rock # 10 - We have a car, insurance... and no accidents... even with driving on the other side of the road.

I was sitting in our service this morning listening to Pastor Erich share about Joseph and how after years he finally began to see the dreams he had as a child come to fruition.  Let's just say this... "I'm living the dream!

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  1. Hello Morley's, I don't often have time to reply to your blog, but wanted you to know that I do read it and that Dan and I pray for you daily. We have some similar stories of God's great blessings in our life and we try to keep them alive. Great idea! I should write them all down, as I forget better than I remember these days. May God continue to bless you richly! Our love and prayers, Dan and Patt.