Thursday, August 11, 2011

Praying for Open Doors in Wicklow & Beyond!

A Door in Wicklow Town...

God is continuing to help us as we find our place here in Wicklow Town.  What an incredible journey, adventure.   We've been in Ireland just 50 days, having lived in Wicklow since July 7th.  During this time we've enjoyed having our daughter, Elizabeth, here with us.  

PRAISE THE LORD! Our shipment arrived yesterday which means we have boxes everywhere.  It's been a little like Christmas opening those boxes, discovering all the goodies we packed so very long ago.  Nothing was lost, nothing was broken... again, praise the Lord!

40 Days of Prayer...

We're on day 24 of our 40 days of prayer.  I need to be honest it's not been easy, but it's good!  I would like to direct your prayer in some specific ways in these days!

Day 24-28 - Pray for Wicklow and our efforts to make connections in this town.
Day 29-32 - Pray for other communities that God might open for the church, for the greater vision of reaching Ireland.
Day 33-36 - Pray for partners to join us.  We cannot do this alone we need others to come alongside.
Day 37-40 - Pray for eyes to see and wisdom to follow God's lead for first steps of ministry.

In addition would you continue to pray for the following personal needs:
We're still trying to get Annette registered.  We only have a few weeks left.
We're continuing to wait on Matthew and his schooling. 
Our daughter, Elizabeth, returns to MNU to continue her education.  Pray for her and us as we find ourselves on different sides of the ocean.

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