Friday, August 19, 2011


Yesterday I walked into Wicklow Town.  I'm talking to individuals, getting to know this place I now call home.  I go looking for where I can join God, since He's already at work in this place.  My plan for the day was to find a place to get my hair cut.  I walked the main street in town, wondering where God would lead me, while at the same time looking for a barber.  I passed a couple of barbers... wondering if they were the place.... Let's just say I didn't want a bad cut!

At some point I was reminded of our only contact.  I'm talking about the guy who showed us the home we're living in.  I thought, "why not go and ask him, where he might go!"  A few minutes later I walking into his office with the intent of asking that very question.  As I greeted the ladies up front my one friend in town asked me how I was liking our home, and then asked me if I'd like to go get a cup of coffee.  Moments later we were sitting outside this little cafe, sipping coffee in the Irish sun(it's rare... but beautiful).  We talked about our home, we talked about our reason for being here in Ireland.  He shared how he was traveling that afternoon to a funeral, a funeral for his best friend.  He also shared that someone very close to him was dealing with some potential terrible news about their health.  As he shared I prayed, and I continue to pray!

Having finished our coffee we made our way back to his office, where he pointed out where I could get my hair cut.  He then invited me to drop by for a beer later that week - not that I need a beer :). Anyway, I walked away from that conversation believing God was at work.  I moved down the street and made my way to the barber.  His name was Sean.  As he cut my hair he asked the expected questions.  I shared the answers that I was becoming used to sharing.  I shared how I was hear in Ireland to listen.... even sharing it was not much different from his profession.  In that moment he shared how the previous client had just shared that he had just been diagnosed with cancer.  As I sat there listening, I was praying, asking God to lead and direct me.

It was only one trip into town... but I left encouraged and excited about continuing conversations, more coffee, and the opportunties that would follow... Do you ever wonder?  How might God use your encounters with others for HIS glory?  Oh that we might not miss him at work!

While I'm thinking about it... would you join me in asking God to guide us all as we seek to be the conduits of his love.  Would you pray for my barber, Sean and my friend at the Real Estate Office?  Thanks!

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  1. It's exciting to hear how God is using you!! Praying for you all!