Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's a person to do????

I've been overwhelmed again by the love of our gracious redeemer and his call on my life.  I sit here in my kitchen wondering what can I do?

I'm living in a town in county Wicklow, the garden of Ireland.  It's incredibly beautiful.  Yet I find myself overwhelmed.  I'm like the disciples who when Jesus confronted them with the incredible need of 4000 hungry people, looked at their own resources and concluded it was impossible.  You might say I have empty hands, at least that's how it can feel...

The needs, the challenge, here are overwhelming... perhaps not much unlike where you find yourself today.  Let's face it we live in a needy world. It's easy to be paralyzed by your own lack.  "What can I do?"  We watch the news coming out of Somalia and because the need is SO overwhelming we do nothing.

Yet, if you recall, when Jesus and his disciples are confronted with the overwhelming need of over 4000 instead of dismissing them, Jesus asked the question: "How may loaves do you have?"  If you go to Mark 8 you'll discover there answer was seven, talk about lacking resources.  They don't even have enough for themselves. Pathetic! Yet instead of being paralyzed by the incredible need we see Jesus get busy.

We find ourselves living in difficult times. Debt is rampant. The promise of quick riches has been shown to be nothing more than a mirage. Like the disciples, we don't even have enough to meet our own needs.  Yet I wonder.... Maybe it's time to join the disciples in giving our "nothing" to Jesus so that he can do "something" incredible.

Father, help us not to be so concerned with the resources we have or don't have.  Help us instead to give them and ourselves for the building of YOUR kingdom.

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