Saturday, July 16, 2011

The power of prayer...

I've been reflecting and praying, what does the future hold?
I've been thinking, in the midst of the work we're doing to get settled, what is it that God is calling us to become unsettled about?
I've been taking in the sights and sounds of this new place, wondering what sights and sounds God is calling us to express?

God is here!  I write that and thank God for the truth of it.  He is here in this place, even as he is with you where you find yourself today.  REALLY!  As God promises in Psalm 139... "where can we go from His presence.".  Is that not an amazing reality?

I guess that makes it easier to reflect and pray.  He is here & longs to connect with us more than we long to connect with Him.  So for the next 40 Days we're going to pray.  Maybe you're wondering what that will look like?  What does it mean for us to pray for 40 days?  Let me start by saying it will probably be the most demanding thing we do while here in Ireland.  It's easy to feel that prayer is passive, yet the reality is prayer is the most active thing we can do.

I would invite you to join me and NOT just in praying for us. (Although I welcome and covet your prayers)  I would invite you to join me in praying for the next 40 days, asking God to speak in a fresh way into YOUR life. What is it God is wanting to do in and through you in these days?

Let's face it our lives are filled with noise, demands, expectations and temptation and SO much of the time God is left in the background. Over the last few minutes do you know how many times you have taken a breath?  I'd guess unless you've got some lung problems you probably don't.  It's just something you do with no thought of it.  Yet the truth is breathing is essential to life.  You need it more than you need, sleep, food, or even water.  Breath is essential to life.

I find it interesting that in God's word breath is seen as a metaphor for God in our lives.  He breathes on us.  We see it in Genesis 1, Ezekiel 37 and again in John 3, among many other places.  In each place, God's action in our lives is seen as the life giving breath. What am I saying?  God's work in your life is essential.  More than sleep, more than food, more than water... in fact even more than the breath you breathe.

So join us in praying... or should I say turning your ears, your eyes, your hands, your feet to the master... allowing HIM to guide your thinking, your eyes, your actions... in a new way. 40 Days that could change our orientation, our minds, our lives.  

I'm going to start by taking the first week to be quiet!  In other words, I'm not going to say much. Instead I'm going to listen.  I'm going to reflect on God's word, starting with Psalm 23.  

If you're interesting in joining me... email me at  It's always good to know you're not alone on the journey and if you have a scripture that speaks to you through this time, please let me know!

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