Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayer Update... from Ireland!

PrayerLetter Update...

Prayer Partners....

I want to start by thanking you for your prayers... they're making all the difference in the world.

First some incredible answers to prayer.
Our travels went well. God watched over us, even as we sat for three hours on the plane in Chicago.  A storm was going through O'hare with winds over 70mph, but even as the plane swayed, we recognized God's very real presence.  We arrived just a little late, but went through immigration and customs with NO troubles.

In addition you can see we have a car. However... (see below...)

Now some requests for prayer...  Please join us in praying about the following:
Car Insurance & Drivers License:  The information we've been given is suggesting we cannot be insured until we have an Irish License and getting a license can take months.  Until that time I would only be able to drive with a licensed driver of Ireland. (Think of it like a drivers permit in the US.) Please pray for help in this, and for a speedy process.
House Hunting: We'll begin in earnest the search for our home... this is obviously complicated by not being able to drive, but God will help us.  Please pray for HIS leading and provision.

Blessings on you... thanks for joining us... it will be such fun to see HOW God answers our prayers!

Steve & Annette

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