Saturday, June 11, 2011


Apollo 13 "Houston, we have a problem..."
10..... Houston we have a problem...

Speaking of problems, I love the story of Moses... If you need to get caught up check out Exodus.  It's an incredible read.  It's filled with problems... Genocide, Murder, Bondage, Insurmountable Barriers, Hunger, Thirst, etc... Yet in the end we discover that nothing is impossible with God.

I love the story of Moses because it speaks so powerfully to me about my call and so often echos my response.  Let's just say, I was a little reluctant at first. (I saw plenty of problems) You need to understand the reason for my reluctance had nothing to do with the state of my willingness to follow after God.  My reluctance had to do with my self-perceived ability, or should I say lack of it.  I struggled for so long to be reminded that God's call has more to do with my availability than my ability.  Don't get me wrong... I believe God gifts us, but I also believe He calls us to join Him in places and ways that require our dependance on HIM first.

In TEN days, count them, we leave for Ireland.  I've had a number of well meaning people tell me I have what it takes, they think I'll do great.  I appreciate their support and encouragement.  Others, have probably thought on hearing that I'm going as a missionary to Ireland... WHAT?  He'll never make it!"  I think both of these positions come from the wrong perspective.  They come from the perspective that anything that is going to happen in Ireland is somehow wrapped up in ME!

While I certainly recognize that God has gifted me, I also realize it's NOT the gifts that will make the difference.  It's Jesus!  I cannot rely on my gifts.  I can ONLY rely on Christ.

You've heard the famous quote, "Houston, we have a problem!"?  It might be easy to adopt that thinking.  Let's face it we still don't have a home in Ireland.... I keep hearing how difficult our task will be, but I've discovered, as we've walked through this last year, that there is NOTHING that is too difficult for God!   Maybe, just maybe in these hard places we can discover the wonderful presence of our Lord.... I'm just thinking!   Maybe in your own life, you're thinking... "houston we have a problem..."  Why not give, not just the problem, but your very self to Him.... you'll discover the joy, the peace of walking with Jesus.

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