Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Journey Begins... Part II

I've shared how God laid His hand on us, calling us to go to Ireland...  For more than a year it's been a dream... Let's just say that it's not a dream anymore.

While I have no keys of my own in my pockets... while I have no place to call home tonight.... I have the JOY of the Lord for HE is my HOPE... HE is my SHELTER... HE is my ALL.  It's SO exciting to live fully relying on Him.

Allow me to share a few reasons why!  In just the last three days we've...
SOLD in record time...
Closed on our home... just look at the SOLD sign.  I marvel at this incredible miracle.  We sold it in just one week at full price. We closed and with the proceeds were able to pay off all our debt.

Packed REAL tight!
We've had our freight picked up... and miracle of miracles it ALL fit in the box.  When our packers arrived they looked at ALL our stuff and shook their heads.  We looked at the crate and shook ours.  Three hours later... EVERYTHING made it.  Just check it out!

Ready to GO!!!

Thanks again for your prayers...  We're in Layton, UT heading to Houston then Ireland.... 

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