Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Journey Begins... Part II

I've shared how God laid His hand on us, calling us to go to Ireland...  For more than a year it's been a dream... Let's just say that it's not a dream anymore.

While I have no keys of my own in my pockets... while I have no place to call home tonight.... I have the JOY of the Lord for HE is my HOPE... HE is my SHELTER... HE is my ALL.  It's SO exciting to live fully relying on Him.

Allow me to share a few reasons why!  In just the last three days we've...
SOLD in record time...
Closed on our home... just look at the SOLD sign.  I marvel at this incredible miracle.  We sold it in just one week at full price. We closed and with the proceeds were able to pay off all our debt.

Packed REAL tight!
We've had our freight picked up... and miracle of miracles it ALL fit in the box.  When our packers arrived they looked at ALL our stuff and shook their heads.  We looked at the crate and shook ours.  Three hours later... EVERYTHING made it.  Just check it out!

Ready to GO!!!

Thanks again for your prayers...  We're in Layton, UT heading to Houston then Ireland.... 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

You'll NEVER guess....

God gave us a promise at the very beginning of this road we're walking.  It comes from Isaiah 49:11 & 12 and it reads,     
         "I will turn all my mountains into roads, 
         and my highways will be raised up. 
         See, they will come from afar— 
         some from the north, some from the west,"

All along this road there have been obstacles, things I thought we could NOT overcome... guess what?  At each step our God has proven faithful.  At each turn in the road HE was there. Really!  As Psalm 46 proclaims.  "The Lord ALMIGHTY is with us!"  Yesterday I found myself thinking about some of the things that still need to happen before we leave Richland for Ireland.  Some of you saw the Prayer Update I sent out.  In case you didn't catch it here is what I asked you to join us in praying about....

     - Our home is supposed to close on Thursday, May 26th... Please pray there are no hitches in this.
     - We need to sell our two cars.  A 2006 Honda CRV & 1995 Toyota Truck in the next five days.
     - We'll be packing up everything and moving some things to League City, TX where we'll store them.  Please pray for safety in the packing and traveling from Richland, Washington.
     - Our move to Ireland mid-June!

Guess what?  You don't have to pray for the sale of our two cars anymore.  In less than two hours we sold both of them.  Serious!  I was on the phone with one person selling the truck when the second person arrived to test drive our Honda, and less than two hours later we were signing over the title at the Credit Union.  Praise The Lord! Thank you SO much for joining with us in prayer.  As Psalm 136 says over and over again... "His love endures forever."

I write all this realizing that someone might be reading this who has been praying about something or for someone and feels the heavens are like brass, that God is NOT listening.  Allow me to encourage you. God is NOT asleep... just listen to these words from Psalm 121...

       I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
       where does my help come from?
       My help comes from the LORD,
       the Maker of heaven and earth.

       He will not let your foot slip—
       he who watches over you will not slumber...
       The LORD watches over you—
Again, thank you for joining us on this journey; for your prayers, your support, your partnership.  We are SO blessed!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart...

This Mosaic was created from pieces of
broken tiles, tiles that spoke of our
lives yielded to God.
I've always marveled at the story of Moses.  Remember the guy at the burning bush who tells God he's got the wrong person for the job?  By the way, Moses suggests this more than once.  

When you first glance at the scene you might wonder too.  I mean why call an 80 year old man who's shepherding the flocks of his father-in-law to lead the children of God to the promised land.(He doesn't even own the sheep he's watching.)  If you glance back you'll discover that he's on the backside of the world because he had to run for his life.  He's a fugitive and now God is calling him to return to the scene of the crime.  No wonder Moses wants nothing of this new gig.

And yet... when you step back from the story you begin to see the incredible providence of God in his life. Truth is there was no one better for the job than Moses.

He had lived in Egypt, in their halls of power.  He had been counted as a son of the Pharaoh. He was a Hebrew and obviously cared about them... remember it was this caring that led him to murder an Egyptian. He knew the Sinai. This would be the wilderness he would lead God's people through to the Promised Land. Wow! It sure looks like God might actually know what he's doing, huh?

That gets me thinking about my own life, my own journey.  I find myself wondering how each of the pieces fit into the picture God is wanting to paint.  My growing up years in England and Denmark. My time in Belize and South Africa. My struggles, my triumphs, my problems! My ministry experience in Richland, Kellogg, Lakeside and Monte Vista.  ALL of it is part of the tapestry of my life. My problem is I can't see it from God's perspective, and as the prophet Isaiah reminds me... "His ways are higher than mine..."

In all of this I've been reminded of Paul's wonderful words to the church at Rome... "And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son..." Romans 8:28-29  Just think nothing is wasted by our great God.

This leads me to proclaim one thing:  "I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and I'll not lean on my own understanding.  In all my ways I'll submit to Him, for HE will direct my paths."  One day we'll see the whole picture, and all the glory will go to our wonderful Lord.

Let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Keys....

Last night we said goodbye to our family at Richland Nazarene.  It was hard!  Yet what an incredible time.  We left our farewell feeling SO loved.  This morning I got up and when I picked up my keys from the bedside table I was reminded again that my life was changing. My key ring was missing some keys... I no longer had the key to the church facility, our gym, my study/office and various file draws. They were all GONE!

That led me to think about how in a few days I'll find myself without ANY keys.  Our home sale will close on May 26th,(PTL!) and we're hoping to sell our cars by that same date. (By the way, if you know of any one who's looking for a 2006 Honda CRV or a 1995 Nissan Truck, let us know!)  It's going to be strange to NOT have keys in my pocket.  Let's just say it's been a LONG time since I didn't have at least one.

Keys are a sign of responsibility.  I remember when I got my first home key.  I carried it with pride.

That got me thinking.  Do you remember the words that come on the heel of one of the most incredible declarations in all of scripture.  Peter answers the question of Jesus, saying, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."  Moments later, Jesus shares... "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven..."  

Just think! The keys of the kingdom... What an incredible thought.  I'm not sure I understand all it means to have the keys of the kingdom of heaven, except to say, it's probably something we should be praying about. don't you think?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I've had a number of individuals, over the course of the last few months ask me, "how did you know this was God's will for you?"

That got me thinking about this whole idea of knowing God's will.  There's a perception out there that discovering God's will is hard work.  You almost get the sense, from some, that God has hidden it from us and our job is to hunt for it much like our kids hunt for Easter Eggs or each other, in a game of hide and seek.  I think that's all wrong.  God longs for us to understand his will.  When we're in relationship discovering his will comes naturally.  It flows!  Truth is we'll never discover HIS will outside of relationship with Him.

Think with me about Paul on his missionary journey's. How does Paul ends up in Philippi?  How did he not end up in some other place?  I've come to understand that Paul knew where to go because he was already walking with Jesus.  Think about it for a moment.  If you're walking with someone who knows the way, you'll probably not get lost?  Or to put it another way, when you keep in step with the spirit, you discover yourself smack dab in the middle of God's will.

So you're looking for God's will in YOUR life?  "Draw near to God, and HE will draw near to you!"  
Seek HIS face - Get in his word - Join together with other believers.  
  Remember when you seek Him, He will be found. No doubts!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do you trust me?

We've never sold a home before.  Let me tell you it's not for the faint of heart.  I understand why people don't use that word, "SOLD" until the ink has dried at the closing.  It seems every day there is a new challenge, a potential issue that could derail the whole thing.  It's crazy.

Then the other day I realize we were moving NEXT month, I did this as I reflected on EVERYTHING I still had to accomplish.  Let's just say, it's crazy.

I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed on Saturday.  It had been a good day, we'd been in Oregon for their NMI convention, but now we were home and tired. (By the way, we love our LINKS district! - For those of you who don't know what that means... LINKS is Loving Interested Nazarenes Knowing & Sharing... The churches of Oregon have adopted us as their own and we already feel loved.)

Anyway, back to my story!  On arriving home from Oregon we got hit with another issue.  I was again overwhelmed.  I excused myself from the family room and found a place to hide in the back bedroom.  I cried out to God and into that moment I heard God speak into my life with just two words, "Trust me!"

As I sat there crying I said, okay Lord!  I'll trust you with ALL of this.

In that moment I still felt anxious, but I had made a decision... I was going to trust my Lord.  It was just a couple of hours later, as I laid my head on the pillow, that I realized something was different.  Instead of running through the limited ways I could solve the latest issue, I found myself at rest.  There was a peace, an incredible and profound peace.  (Thanks for praying for me... Let's just say God is working in my life!)

I wonder... Are you anxious about something?
"The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall NOT be in want!" Ps 23:1
Why don't you try trusting in Jesus?  When you do... while the circumstances may not change... you'll discover the peace of God in your life... and that CHANGES everything.

Try it then share... I'd love to hear from you!