Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Missionary!!!! Yeah... YOU!

Perhaps you were ready to move to the next post, after all you're no missionary, right?

There's NO way you're going to Africa or any other place.  Moving across town is hard enough.  Yet the reality missions is NOT something that only happens in far off places, missions is what happens every time we cross a barrier with the love of Christ.

To be sure, those barriers seem more obvious in places where they eat animals we consider pets or where they wear them.  It's more obvious where they speak languages that sound like gibberish.  It's more obvious where their table manners would get us arrested here in the states.

Yet barriers are all about us.  If you were to look out the front window of your home or your apartment, you'd discover a couple without much effort.  Go look!

Did you see any?  How about these?  Your yard, your driveway, windows, sidewalks, doors. Perhaps you're thinking they're not barriers!  Yet the truth is they are!  I mean a door is supposed to be a way in, but so often it bars the way, right.  Those sidewalks inform where people are allowed to go, right?  Don't come any closer to my house, stay off the grass... etc.  You see barriers, subtle as they may be are all around us.

As Missionaries we're called to reach across them with the love of our glorious redeemer.  As we walk through this glorious and Holy week we see the barriers that Jesus reached across in lavish love.

Perhaps WE should rethink this whole missionary thing.  Maybe we should all view ourselves as missionaries.

What do you think?

The "Door of Reconciliation" on display in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland.  This door became renowned when two Irish families who were feuding finally made peace.
In 1492, Sir James Butler, Earl of the Ormonds, holed up in the Cathedral. After several weeks, Sir Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of the Kildares, decided he wanted to end the feud. Sir Gerald went to the cathedral and requested entry. He promised he would do no harm. Sir James was suspicious, and refused him. Sir Gerald used a spear to hack through the wooden Cathedral door a hole just big enough to put his arm through. He then offered his hand as a gesture of peace. James shook his hand, the two were reconciled, and the feud ended. (with thanks to Steve Edwards)

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